Friday, October 21, 2011

Steven returns from Argentina Salta Mission

Every day I count my blessings for my wonderful family!  Yesterday, Steven returned safely home - after 48 hours of travel time and close to 10,000 miles of actual distance - a man and a returned missionary.  Many thoughts and emotions here as I watched him get off the plane, in suit and tie, complete with his name badge, or plaque, as he calls it in Spanish.  We are so proud of him for his dedication to the Lord, his testimony and steadiness.  Pretty amazing what 2 years in the mission field will do to a boy.  So, yes, another of my boys has grown up; on the one hand, melancholy could overtake me, but on the other, this is the way it's supposed to be!  We'll have him home just a short few weeks until after Christmas when he heads off to BYU.  (And if you've been reading this blog, you know what that will lead to!)  In the meantime, Preston and Evan have an expert to help them with their Spanish and both are counting on Steven's not having forgotten his geometry or precalculus!  I'm counting on his ever-steadiness to assist in their continuing preparation for their own missions!  Lest I be guilty of boasting, I won't belabor this point:  3 returned missionary sons, 2 of them now married in the temple to exceptional young ladies and one with their first baby on the way shortly.... Heck!  I might as well break out in singing "Count your many Blessings!"

Enjoy a few photos!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Aaron turns 24 today! He is the most amazing man I know, and I'm so grateful he is a part of my life. We were talking about how this is the last birthday he will ever celebrate without a little munchkin running around! We're excited for our Marsh Munchkin to be arriving soon. Aaron sure will make a great dad. Married and a baby on the way-I guess he's an old man now! We celebrated with family, German Chocolate cake, and gifts too! We had a fun evening!

German Chocolate-his favorite!

Thanks Momma Marsh!

Tommy was excited for Aaron's B-day too!

Thanks Momma Furbish!

Surrounded by loved ones. 

Baby Shower!

Aaron and I are so excited to be having our first baby! Ethan will be arriving soon, and we cannot wait to hold him in our arms. My good friends threw a baby shower this weekend to honor our little bundle of joy.  A few close friends attended along with family from both the Westergard and Marsh side. It was such a fun morning. Ethan sure is one loved baby!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

Welcome to our Marsh family blog!
It is our intent to share our lives, adventures and ideas across the miles and years ahead!  Please come and go as you like - to read, add a thought or two, and help our family stay connected!  Enjoy!
In the beginning, boy meets girl. Where? Brigham Young University.  While you may say that fits your description, we'll go back a few years to 1986 where we launched this great adventure with Kirt and Donna.  Just over 10 years later, 5 spirited sons had joined the family, adding many moments of laughter, crazy days, and yes, even some tears.
But let's fast forward!  2009, Aaron and his sweetheart Laurel Ann Furbish were sealed in the Orlando Florida Temple and are presently awaiting their first little hatchling, a boy!  Keep your finger on the fast forward button, all the way to 2011 when Ryan and his gal Samantha Rae Martin were married in the Nashville Tennessee Temple!    Wow!  It is astounding to consider all the blessings of our Heavenly Father as our family is growing into the next generation.
Good things are at work also with Steven, Preston and Evan!  Steven will return from his mission to Salta Argentina mid October when he'll spend the remainder of the year at home working, then off to good ole BYU!   We continue to anticipate many good stories as our tale rolls along!   Preston will be a senior this fall and Evan a freshman.  How grateful I am for the many many good and wise choices that all these fine young men have made!
Lest you think that I'm about to give you our entire family  history, let me instead include a few photos of our fine family!

Aaron and Laurel on their wedding day, 20 August 2009.

Ryan and Sammie, 21 May 2011.

Steven with some of his investigators.

A handsome bunch!